About us

"Atrim" Ltd. performs a wide range of activities in the field of construction. The company has completed many significant projects in industrial construction, public works and housing. It uses the innovations in construction technologies and modern materials. Industrial Construction – Combining the professionalism of its staff with modern equipment and technology, quality materials and heavy ma... Read more



We value our customers and build partnerships with them. We strive to find an optimal solution for our customers. We contribute to the success of our partners so that they feel the commitment of our employees to each of their individual projects.


For our customers “ATRIM” Ltd is above all a true, accurate and reliable partner. The long-term cooperation with some customers and their good reviews speak for themselves!

Our projects

“ATRIM” Ltd. has completed two projects located in Tsarevo and Sarafovo. The building in Sarafovo is located in the southern district of Bourgas, only ten minutes from the city center. The other project realized by “ATRIM” Ltd. is a building in the town of Tsarevo – a resort near Primorsko. For a full description of the sites, prices and the location of the apartments - click on the links above.


Residential building in Sarafovo

Residential building in Carevo