Architecture and Design

 What do you need to start building? A project, of course. The processes called architecture and design allow you to create a full image of the future house, building or facility. That is why most people prefer to turn to the architectural offices that would create the best design and construction of a building.

 When “ATRIM” Ltd. designs a building the company strives to fully satisfy the needs of its customers. Be assured that our professionals will fulfill your every wish. This will lead to the creation of an interesting and original project, which may become a good example of modern architecture.

 The construction of any building begins with an architectural design, be it a private house, building or warehouse. The proper design combines many sciences, modern standards and adequately selected materials.

The architectural design and construction of buildings requires the creation of conceptual designs. You will see precisely the location of all objects in the building; you can make the necessary adjustments according to your wishes. In addition to designing the appearance of the buildings and the distribution of the objects within them, plans are made for electricity, water supply, etc., the location of each contact, each output of the lighting fixtures and more.