Warranty and non warranty service

The professional approach to the service of the buildings allows us to substantially reduce the cost of ethnic service buildings and engineering installations.

After their installation and commissioning, the engineering systems of each building need constant care, control and correction.

The maintenance of buildings requires permanent control over the functioning of the premises and timely intervention in case of danger of damage or malfunction. The systems in the buildings need prevention and control, replacement of parts or assemblies worn in the process of exploitation or in a case of emergency, elective examinations with the change of seasons, and even without an occasion.

Depending on the specifics of the site, its engineering equipment and the communications in it, the client is offered several options for maintenance of the facility - from nonstop service to support "on call".

During the first two or three months of service along with maintaining of the systems functioning in the building the engineering staff conducts complete and thorough inventory of all engineering systems, networks and equipment, diagnosis of their condition and degree of wear, after which the client receives impartial information about the condition of the facility and installations therein.