Reconstruction and restoration


Reconstruction and restoration is a complex and multifaceted activity aimed at restoring the lost qualities of objects such as the exterior of the building as well as the restoration of the practicality and reliability of structures, elements of the decor and the communications.
Rooms and buildings usually lose their characteristics and require reconstruction, restoration and repair for two reasons:

 - Physical wear under the influence of weather and natural factors. Any material wears out and loses some of its qualities over time. Restoration may be indispensable both for the decorative elements and the structures and equipment.

 - Accident or other unforeseen situation. Emergency restoration may be needed in case of a flood, fire, partial cracking and other damage to walls, ceilings, floors and walls.
 Regardless of the motives and objectives for them, reconstruction, restoration and repair should be executed by specialists! The qualification of our specialists in reconstruction, restoration and repair guarantees not only the efficiency of the investment and the restoration of the premises or building but also gives you peace and security that after the restoration nothing will remind you of the previous state of the object under reconstruction. The specialists in “ATRIM” Ltd. will comply with all of your requirements and wishes, explain to you the modern materials and technologies the use of which is optimal for the reconstruction, restoration or repair of your building. You will also get to settle all issues related to the validation and maintenance of the project documentation.
We have a lot of finished projects with different orientation requiring reconstruction, restoration or repair works.