Construction for compensation

“ATRIM” Ltd. shows a steady development on the construction services market and real estate which allows us to offer you construction for compensation. Our permanent partners and many new sites allow us to maintain the required equipment, specialists and other resources needed for fast and high quality construction of residential buildings with retail and office space. We would like to best utilize our resources which is why we offer the service "construction for compensation."

 As the famous Bulgarian proverb states "Property is not sold." Indeed, there is no need to sell your property to get profit from it!

What do you get if you give the right for construction on your property to “ATRIM” Ltd.?

You get a certain number of objects in the new building depending on the percentage of compensation. Depending on the location of the property, you can get up to 50% compensation rate - this means that if your property is built building with total area of ​​2000 square meters, you can get up to 1000 square meters without spending a penny. The compensation shall be apportioned according to the signed contract with “ATRIM” Ltd. between residential, commercial and office areas of the new building as well as parking lots, garages and common areas.

 “ATRIM” Ltd. will definitely realize the full potential of your property. Given the increase in property prices in the country the value of the acquired units in the building can be even higher than predicted at the end of the object.

 The documents you need to give your property for construction for compensation are as follows:

 1. Sketch – it is issued by the municipality of the property’s whereabouts for a minimal fee. The deadline for its receipt is two weeks from the date of release of the application. The sketch is valid for six months from date of issue;

 2. Title deed. If you have the Land Commission’s decision to restore the property, it is advisable that you obtain a notary deed of findings. If the ownership document is issued to the heirs of the deceased owner, you will need a valid Heirs Certificate;

 3. Tax assessment of the landed property;

 4. A copy of the detailed development plan concerning your property. It is issued by the municipality of the property’s whereabouts. Very often citizens have to wait for a copy of the municipal authority’s resolution in question for years.

 When you get the abovementioned documents, we can safely sit at the negotiating table. The deal, called property for compensation will be fruitful only if you choose “ATRIM” Ltd. for a partner.